portable duct rodder

Python Duct rodder is Commonly Used for Pulling Cables and Lines Through Conduits, Tubes, Pipes or Ducts

We say the python duct rodder not really python, just metaphor. You can choose python duct rodder for less demanding applications. It has strength properties similar to Cobra duct rodder, but is more flexible. Also, like the Cobra rodder,it has a heavy-duty outer plastic coating to resist abrasions and reduce wear. Includes one male and one female end fitting, and a tapered head

Other Application Could be Realize with Those Accessories:

Clean: Flat steel bristles with a pulling eye on one end and a loop on the other end. Easily removes sand, grit, and other light obstructions from the duct. (see figure 1);

Locating:Locating sondes are available here to allow you to safely locate your underground utilities with a fiberglass duct rodder. These sondes are available with an array of transmitting frequencies and thread attachments to suit your needs(see figure 2)。

conduit cleaner assist with rodders for cleaning

Figure 1:Python Duct Rodder Helps Clean Air Duct with the Conduit Cleaner


locating sonde helps rodder trace cable underground

Figure 2:Python Duct Rodder Helps Trace Cable in Metalloid Conduit

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Pay Attention to Storage and Operation Duct Rodder:

Python duct rodder is vulnerable tool in  pulling cables and lines through conduits, tubes, pipes or ducts. and the average service life of duct rodder usually be one or two years. so how to make your duct rodder service longer time for working? here are  general ways as follows:

  • Storage: Pull the python duct rod back to the cage from the entrance of the conduit. Do not spin the cage to pull the duct rod back to the cage, you must pull the rod through the eye of the cage and into the cage. otherwise, the rod will be breaking off  by incorrect operation (see figure 3).
  • Connecting: be lightly to your cable and rodder, especially when the rodder reach the end of duct and prepare to take the cable back. the most unreasonable way is tie cable on the round head part of the drawing head. well, the cable usually drop out during pulling back(see figure 4).
when pulling back rod please be lightly

Figure 3:Storage Rodders According to Instruction Manual for Expand Lifetime

connect cable and rod with cable grips

Figure 4:Connecting Cable and Rodder with Cable Grips

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