13mm fiberglass duct rodder

13 mm Duct Rodder


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See the strict production process of duct rodder. there are two mainly process of duct rodder, which include fiberglass rod and rod frame.

Production Process of Fiberglass Rod:

  • Copper or steel wire: for increasing service life, the rod was produced with copper or steel wire;
  • Alkali-free glass fiber:this material is more durable, resistant to bending, good toughness, corrosion-resistant, long service life, that will make sure of the rod appear high strength and density in duct rodders.
  • Resin: The fibers are drawn in to a heated die where the resin matrix is cured, bonding the fibers together and allowing mechanical loads to be transmitted through the matrix and distributed amongst the fibers
  • Polyethylene cover: non-conducting to protect the Electricians, resistance to acid and corrosion made fiberglass duct rodder durable

produce process of fiberglass rod
Production Process of Fiberglass Rod

produce process of rod frame
Production Process of Rod Frame

Production Process of Rod Frame:

  • steel pipe:Our carriers are made of tubular steel alloy and are powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • brake:While pushing the duct rod, we should tighten the hand brake to stop the cage from rolling
  • rod guide:the rod must be pushed through the rod guide out of the cage
  • The Grapplers are used in the event the rodders are pushed towards each
    other from opposite ends of the duct. The Coupling halves will hook together
    and can then be pulled back from either end.
  • wheels:Most of the duct snakes in large diameter and heavy weight are designed with wheels for easy transport and operating. In some portable duct rodders, it is also designed with wheels.

Picking and Shipping:

packing of duct rodders

Yours order will be treat at first time, and every goods will be pack with woven bag firstly, and film secondly, and carton finally.



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