fiberglass rodder

Fiberglass Rodder Apply for Pulling Cables and Lines In Conduit, Duct.

Duct roddder also called as fiberglass rodder, fiberglass duct rodder, fiberglass conduit rodder. The fiberglass rod is the basic element of the duct rodder. we add large proportion of high quality glass fiber (80%) for duct rodder. This special material make sure the rodder of high tensile strength and stability under shear stress. What’s more, we embed high density and UV-resistant polyethylene together to form a compact bound core, for protecting and insulate the fiberglass rodder from scratch while sliding in duct.

Manufacturing Process of Fiberglass Rodder

Usually, a rodders come complete with two mainly parts of fiberglass rod and frame. Firstly, the rod we produce two types for different application. One of the rod is fiberglass inner core and PP sheath for standard fiberglass rodder, the other kind of rod is fiberglass core with copper inner wire and PP sheath for traceable fiberglass rodder. And we product the frame to wheeled and without wheels, and we design both kinds of the frame with tubular steel alloy and a hand brake system.

fiberglass rodder complete with rod and frame

Standard Fiberglass Rod come complete with three parts as alkali-free glass fiber, PP sheath and copper head

  • alkali-free glass fiber: that is the top-quality, but the price is higher, this material threading device is more durable, resistant to bending, good toughness, not broken, corrosion-resistant, long service life, that will make sure of the rod appear high strength and density in fiberglass rodders.
  • polypropylene (PP) sheath:Polypropylene, also referred to as PP, is a form of thermoplastic. Polypropylene have good ESCR performance, weather ability, abrasion resistance and excellent electric property. And we make polypropylene granules for rod sheath.
  • copper head: which mainly responsible for protect the end for rod, as itself advantage of corrosion resistance and flintiness, make the end free from broken.

Additionally, electric copper  wire was especially designed for traceable duct rodder if some special task in complex conduit needed. the inner core is inserted with copper wire, which has excellent traceable performance.

structure detail of fiberglass rod

We product all rodder frame with tubular steel alloy, hand-operated brake, rod guide, the wheel is optional.

  • tubular steel alloy:we adopt tubular steel alloy and powder coated for corrosion resistance, and made it as double tube for the purpose of more durable and stable.
  • hand-operated brake:every standard fiberglass rodder complete with hand-operation brake for controlling payout of the pulling rod.with the help of brake, you can control the rotating and stopping easily.
  • rod guide: when using the fiberglass rodders, the operator could send out the rod more smoothly and prevent the rod hang out for collating.
  • rubber wheel: most of the duct rodders in large diameter and heavy weight come complete with wheels for easy transport and some cobra duct rodders, it also designed with has better abrasion resistance than nylon wheels.

structure detail of rodder frame

Features of Fiberglass Rodder:

  • Cages are sized to suit the rod, and can be replaced easily;
  • Bright yellow rod roe visibility;
  • Cages are specialy built to our specifications;
  • Compact, sturdy and light weight to fit smaller spaces;
  • Variable resistance axle brake controls payout;
  • Cage can lay on either side for convenience;
  • Polyurethane rod guides for superior wear resistance;
  • Two rod guides for working up or down;
  • Wheeled frames are balanced for maneuverability;
  • Pneumatic wheels on larger frames;
  • Two axie mounts for your handling preference;
  • A wide warranty of stainless steel accessories available;
  • Order accessory kits with rodder or individually.

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Specification of Fiberglass Rodder:

  • Rod diameter: 4mm – 16mm.
  • Length of fiberglass rod: 30m – 500m.
  • Working temperature: -40°C to + 80°C (-40°F to 176°F).
  • Minimum bend radius: 4″ (That is for 4mm rod diameter, other rods with larger diameter have larger bend radius).
  • Max pulling strength: 4.5T (For rod diameter 16mm, other rods with smaller diameter have less pulling strength).
  • Frame size: 160mm × 450mm × 500mm, 170mm × 600mm × 750mm, etc. (maximum size: 550mm × 1500mm × 1600mm).
  • Wheel: pneumatic/iron tyre or no wheel.
  • Fiberglass rod color: yellow, blue, white, red, black.
  • Package: plastic wrap and then into carton.

Application of Fiberglass Rodder:

  • pipeline & drain washing and cleaning
  • Cable & wire placing in conduit,
  • Traceable and locatable the duct underground
  • Communication cable laying

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