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Cobra Duct Rod is the Most Popular Rodder, Designed for Complex Heavy-duty Applications.

Cobra duct rod gets its powerful strength from a consummate construction process, that ensures greater rigidity and strength for pulling cables and lines through conduits, tubes, pipes or ducts. That special structure enabling Cobra rod could endure the additional force required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps. Other common name for cobra rod are cobra cable puller, cobra cable rod, cobra conduit rod. When Cobra duct rod moving in duct, it looks likes a snake. So we also called it viper duct rodder.

Particularly, we called it mini cobra duct rodder for the diameter of rod below 6mm (6mm included). Mini duct rodder mostly use for smaller duct sizes and shorter runs. Usually, mini cobra duct rodder come complete with portable frame. Well, you can called this portable duct rodder, which shows good performance in wire or cable pulling in pipes, conduits or ducts. Without wheels, it is easy to carry or put in car.

structrue of cobra duct rod different form python duct rodder

wheeled cobra duct rodder for easier to transport at the job site

Wheeled Cobra Cable Puller for Easier to Transport at the Job Site

portable cobra duct rodder for easy to carry or put in car

Portable Cobra Cable Puller for Easy to Carry or Put in Car

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10 mm Duct Rodder

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5 mm Duct Rodder

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6 mm duct rodder

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8 mm Duct Rodder

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9 mm Duct Rodder

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Rough Guide as to Rod Diameter Selection: 

As the particularity of rod moving in duct, small rod in large duct will make a higher pressure contact with the ducting; the same rod in smaller conduit will make less pressure on contact and therefore less friction, which can be pushed further. And we recommend mini cobra duct rodder for 20 mm-38 mm conduit, and cobra duct rod for 38 mm-150 mm conduit.The chart below is a rough guide as to rod diameter selection, but the about factors should all be taken into consideration before making the final selection.

Rodder type Rod diameter Rod length Bend radius Conduit diameter Frame size
mini cobra duct rodder 5 mm 50 m – 300 m 100 mm 20 mm – 32 mm 45 cm × 50 cm × 16 cm; 60 cm × 75 cm × 17 cm
mini cobra duct rodder 6 mm 90 m – 300 m 100 mm 25 mm – 76 mm 71 cm × 81 cm × 24 cm; 61 cm × 72 cm × 28 cm
cobra duct rodder 8 mm 150 m – 350 m 150 mm 40 mm – 90 mm 110 cm × 120 cm × 40 cm
cobra duct rodder 11 mm 150 m – 300 m 390 mm 76 mm – 150 mm 120 cm × 126 cm × 40 cm; 100 cm × 120 cm × 45 cm
cobra duct rodder 13 mm 150 m – 300 m 500 mm 76 mm – 170 mm 130 cm × 136 cm × 55 cm

Application of Cobra Duct Rodder:

  • air duct cleaning;
  • cable & wire placing electric conduit;
  • pipe dredging;
cobra duct rodder apply for air duct cleaning

Cobra Duct Rod Helps Cleaning Air Duct

cobra duct rodder use for underground conduit

Cobra Rod is Widely Used for Optical Cable Laying



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