cable rodder

Cable Rodder Apply for Cable Laying and Pipeline Cleaning in Conduit.

Cable rodder works to thread a cable and wire through conduit quickly and easily. They are very common when it comes to the installation of cable. They work simply and make it easier to thread cable through ducts. These devices can help for a range of underground tasks, including threading lines, pulling cables, locating ducts, and cleaning; they are extremely useful.

This cable rodders help you saving time and labor. It is easy to operat and needs no special skills.

cable rodder apply for cable laying in conduit

What kind of cable rodder should be consider?

Commonly, there are two kind of cable rodder: fiberglass cable rodder and plastic cable rodder.

  • Fiberglass cable rod come with glass fibers as the mainly material. The manufacturing process for glass fibers suitable for reinforcement uses large furnaces to gradually melt the silica sand, limestone, kaolin clay, fluorspar, colemanite, dolomite and other minerals to liquid form. Fiberglass cable rods show strong high tensile strength and elasticity, when passing through narrow conduit rather than coiling together(see Figure 1)
  • Plastic cable rod adopt the plastic as the only material. Plastic is a thermoplastic silky material, see also polyamide or PA, that can be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes.Plastic cable rodder mainly apply to short distance and straight conduit, for its unsatisfactory rigidity. It is low price and economical but lack of good friction and durability as its simple structure.(see Figure 2)

fiberglass rodder compare with nylon rodder

Figure 1:  Fiberglass cable rodders pass through narrow conduit rather than coiling together.

fiberglass rodder compare with nylon rodder (1)

Figure 2: Plastic cable rodder mainly apply to short distance and straight conduit.

Decades of in-field use have proven this rodder cable with fiberglass been of high visibility fiberglass rod material have the ideal combination of the mechanical properties of tensile strength, modulus, stiffness and bending behavior.

Popular Cable Rodders Price:

10 mm duct rodders

10 mm Duct Rodder

$172.00$511.00Select options

11mm fiberglass duct rodder

11 mm Duct Rodder

$181.00$559.00Select options

13mm fiberglass duct rodder

13 mm Duct Rodder

$231.00$829.00Select options

15mm fibergalss duct rodder

15 mm Duct Rodder

$416.00$1,537.00Select options

5 mm duct rodder

5 mm Duct Rodder

$142.00$346.00Select options

6 mm ductrodder

6 mm duct rodder

$143.00$375.00Select options

8 mm duct rodder

8 mm Duct Rodder

$162.00$426.00Select options

9 mm duct rodder

9 mm Duct Rodder

$168.00$468.00Select options

What Kind of Cable Rodder Suitable for Me?

If you are the operator of rodder, and choose the rodder cable that fits your job needs the best, you need to consider several things. The size of the duct will be very important. Each of the rod diameters has a recommended duct size, so you need to make sure you are getting the right one for the job. In addition, you need to consider the distance of the rod that needs to be pushed. In some cases, the rod length might not be enough to reach the duct exit, so you need to know just how far the rod will need to be pushed. You should also consider the number and the tightness of the bends in the duct to make sure you are getting the right cable rodder for your needs.

Table for rod diameter selection

How to Use Cable Pulling Rodder ?

Instruction of rodder cable:While using rodder cable, firstly, we pull the drawing head from rod guide, then connecting with corresponding end fitting and entering the duct.For cleaning: we change the round head part of the drawing head to conduit cleaner for duct cleaning;For cable laying: pushing the rodder cable into conduit, when the rod reaches the other end of conduit. we attach the cable or pull line to the round head with cable grips and then pull the rodder cable back to the cage.

cable grips assist with cable rodder (2)

Firstly, you need to prepare a cable grip for connecting cable and rodder

cable grips assist with cable rodder (3)

Secondly, you  could tie the grips to the end of rod

cable grips assist with cable rodder (1)

Thirdly, you should cross-winding the other end of grip with cable

cable grips assist with cable rodder (6)

Finally, the grips connect the cable and rod successfully

cable grips assist with cable rodder (4)

Other kind of cable grip for connecting cable and rodder

cable grips assist with cable rodder (5)

Some other kind of grips for more thicker cable

During working, the cable rodder are pushed through the conduit first, then we tie the cable or wire with cable grips on the cooper head. At last, we pull the cable rodder back and then we get the wire or cable through the conduit. we designed cable grips in nearly every situation where cables have to be pulled, attached or secured with rod end.

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