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Ean machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a pioneering enterprise in fiberglass product industry. We have been dedicating to producing high quality, customized fiberglass duct rodder (FRP duct rodder). we offers one of the most comprehensive range of duct rodder available anywhere in the world with excellent performance in practical use, from the smallest 4.5 mm diameter to the rugged 16 mm duct rodder.

What Can Duct Rodder Do for Me?

Rodder is used in optical cable laying, communication cable laying as well pipe dredge and cleaning in conduit. So we called this cable rodder as its assist for cable operation, and conduit rodder as its working place, or fiberglass rodder as its mainly material is glass fiber. In infrastructure, especially the manhole-to-manhole work or long-run cable pulls, when trying to reach cables at the end of a long conduit, Electricians and plumbers alike could always use a hand, or even an arm and a leg. It’s dangerous and inefficient. With the duct rodder will make the job easy and help you in pulling cables and lines through conduits, tubes, pipes or ducts. All of this belong to fiberglass rodder has minimum bending radius for 105 mm (4.13 inch) and max tensile strength for  2.5 T.
fiberglass rodder apply to cable laying

we supply 4.5 mm to 16 mm rodders for cable laying even the conduit diameter from 50 mm to 450 mm.

duct rodder apply to conduit cleaning

with the help of accessories conduit cleaner, rodder can make the cleaner job so easy.

traceable rodder application

traceable duct rodder help you find blocker by its detectable founction .

For the Cable Laying Purpose, You Can Choose Different Rodders for any Given Application

fiberglass rodder

Fiberglass Rodder

Fiberglass Rodder Apply for Pulling Cables and Lines In Conduit, Duct. Duct roddder also called as fiberglass rodder, fiberglass duct ...
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cable rodder

Cable rodder

Cable Rodder Apply for Cable Laying and Pipeline Cleaning in Conduit. Cable rodder works to thread a cable and wire ...
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conduit rodder

Conduit rodder

Conduit Rodder Apply to Push or Pull Cable in Electric Conduit Here we talk about the conduit rodder mainly points ...
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traceable rodder

Traceable rodder

Traceable Rodder Help to Find Out Block and Recondition Broken Cable In Duct or Conduit Without Trenching or Digging. Traceable ...
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duct rodder

Cobra Duct Rod

Cobra Duct Rod is the Most Popular Rodder, Designed for Complex Heavy-duty Applications. Cobra duct rod gets its powerful strength ...
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portable duct rodder

Python Duct Rodder

Python Duct rodder is Commonly Used for Pulling Cables and Lines Through Conduits, Tubes, Pipes or Ducts We say the python duct ...
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Popular Duct Rodders for Sale

10 mm duct rodders

10 mm Duct Rodder

$172.00$511.00Select options

11mm fiberglass duct rodder

11 mm Duct Rodder

$181.00$559.00Select options

13mm fiberglass duct rodder

13 mm Duct Rodder

$231.00$829.00Select options

15mm fibergalss duct rodder

15 mm Duct Rodder

$416.00$1,537.00Select options

5 mm duct rodder

5 mm Duct Rodder

$142.00$346.00Select options

6 mm ductrodder

6 mm duct rodder

$143.00$375.00Select options

8 mm duct rodder

8 mm Duct Rodder

$162.00$426.00Select options

9 mm duct rodder

9 mm Duct Rodder

$168.00$468.00Select options

Know the Rodder from Rod Structure, Rod Size and Frame:

► Rod Structure: There are two kinds of fiberglass rod: All the rods are manufactured from premium state-of-the-art materials,  and formulated to offer the high performance & durability demanded by our customers. Now available in either standard rod and detectable rod. Standard rod  come with fiberglass inner core and PP sheath. Detectable rod  come with fiberglass inner core, PP sheath and Inserted copper wire.

    ► Standard rod: This structure designed for most common duct rodder, which come complete with two mainly parts of Fiberglass inner core and PP sheath. Commonly, We usually called this rodder as standard duct rodder or conventional duct rodder. we produce this fiberglass rodders' environment temperature  for -40~+80℃.
    ► Traceable rod: Traceable rod has the same flexibility and tensile strength of standard rod. Additionally, as the name says that “traceable” means you can find some problems underground without digging or trenching. Because this structure of traceable rodder comes with a electric insert copper wire, which could be detectable and locatable. So we called this detectable duct rodder, locatable duct rodder or hunter rodder.

rod structure of duct rodder

Standard rod complete with fiberglass inner core and PP sheath

structure of traceable duct rodder

Traceable rod complete with fiberglass inner core,  PP sheath  and copper or steel wire.

► Rod Size: When rodder being pushed through the duct, large rod in small ducting is a good situation, but reduced flexibility of the rod may cause increased friction in the tighter bends. so we supply a wide range of duct rodder suitable for the different situation: cobra duct rod and python duct rodder.

    ► Cobra duct rod: cobra duct rod designed for heavy-duty applications which commonly seen in the conduit below 152mm. it usually accessory with a frame in vertical handle. and is convenient for people to carry and take away. that’s what we say portable duct rodder.
    ► Python duct rod: python duct rodder has strength properties similar to Cobra rod, but is more its large diameter and heavy weight, python duct rodder come complete with a rubber wheel on the cage, which make it easier to transport at the job site when the conduit or pipe is very long or complicated.

different between cobra rod and python rod

► Rod Frame: Frames are also a feature of the duct rod. All the frame of duct rod are made of tubular steel alloy and are powder coated for corrosion resistance. Our Duct Rod frame have been designed to be lighter weight for easy handling in the field. Larger diameter carriers have inboard wheels for easier transport at the jobsite. Each carrier is fitted with a hand-operated brake to control payout. They can be used on their side as well as upright. These are just some of the design features that will make every unit more usable and friendly for the end user.We supply three kinds of frames for duct rod according customized:

    ► Wheeled Frame: we design this vertical handle for some mini cobra duct rod or portable duct rod. it is convenient for carrying.
    ► Portable Frame with wheels: this is the medium size frame. For  cobra duct rod, sometimes the wheeles is needed when the length and weight of rodders is transnormal or the distance is far away from  manholes.
    ► Portable Frame: this kind of frame for duct rod is the most popular for international customer,  which most according with human engineering.

wheeled Oblique handle duct rodder

Wheeled Frame

portable duct rodder with wheeled frame

Portable Frame with Wheels

portable frame duct rodder

Portable Frame


How to Choose Quality Duct Rodder?

rod diameter of duct rodder

Precise dimension of the rod is most important specifications of duct rodder.

duct roder has elastic body

Minimum bending radius show the capacity when passing through narrow conduit.

copper head of duct rodder

Copper head protect the end of rod from wear and expand lifetime of rodder.

rod structure of duct rodder

we produce fiberglass rod with copper or steel wire for increase toughness.

wheeled frame of duct rodder

When rodder come to long length a heavy weight, a frame with rubber wheels will make it convenient like driving.

metric marked of duct rodder

Metric marked will show you the distance of conduit.

duct rodder frame

Tubular steel alloy and  powder coated for corrosion resistance.

hand-operated brake for safe using

While pushing the duct rod, we should tighten the hand brake to stop the cage from rolling.

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